Renmark is happy to announce that we now represent Minerallac in Western PA and West Virginia. 

Minerallac Company is a fourth-generation, family-owned American manufacturer and master distributor that has been serving the electrical construction market for over 100 years.

All seven brands – Minerallac Traditional, Minerallac Stainless Steel, Minerallac Strut Fittings, Cully, Black Claw, Redmore, and Impact Staples —possess the same high quality and service standards. What’s more, the consolidation of the company’s brands under one corporate umbrella allows it to offer a comprehensive package of electrical hardware and fasteners.

The Minerallac Company brands offer:

MinerallacTraditional Minerallac Traditional offers hangers, straps and beam clamps in more sizes and finishes than any other single source.
MinerallacStainlessSteel Minerallac Stainless Steel offers a comprehensive catalog of stainless steel hardware, including: hangers, straps, clamps, nuts, washers, screws, bolts, anchors, couplings, and more in assorted grades of stainless steel.
MinerallacStrutFittings Minerallac Strut Fittings and Accessories offers an extensive line of nuts, clamps, fittings, brackets, rollers, hardware, concrete inserts, and post bases.
Cully Cully offers one of the broadest lines of fasteners, anchors, tools and safety products for the industry. 
BlackClaw Black Claw offers an expansive line of spring steel fasteners. 
RedMore Redmore offers staples, nails as well as wire products for the utility market. 
ImpactStaples Impact Staples offer residential and commercial staples. 

Minerallac’s passion for quality service demonstrates quick and economical delivery for a consistent customer service experience every time.

Contact Renmark today to learn more! 

Email orders to info@renmarkusa.com or Fax to 412-318-4901




Keep homes & buildings safe from havoc that winter can bring!

  1. Ice dams and icicles can cause building damage or injury
  2. Pipe freeze-ups and broken pipes can cause costly water damage
  3. Icy walkways, driveways and parking ramps can cause “slip and fall” risks and vehicle accidents


Winterize Home & Buildings with these Winter Safety Tips:


1. Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles







  • roof eaves, valleys and gutters for damage which is a sign of ice dam formation;
  • roof water damage areas caused by water ponding behind ice dams;
  • locations where ice dams and hazardous icicles can slide off the roof or tumble down to the ground below where children play or people walk.


Raychem’s Solution:

Raychem Roof & Gutter De-Icing Systems use heat tracing technology to prevent ice dams, icicles, and frozen gutter problems. 


2. Prevent Frozen Pipes




  • exposed water and drain lines that could freeze up, i.e. outdoor piping, or water pipes in unheated basements, attics, or parking garages;
  • exposed water lines around HVAC equipment on commercial buildings.

Raychem’s Solution

Raychem Pipe Freeze Protection Systems are flexible and easy to attach to the exterior of the pipe and use heat tracing technology to keep pipes from freezing, bursting, and causing water damage.


3. Prevent Surface Snow and Ice Hazards




  • walkways, stairs, parking areas and ADA ramps that experience high people traffic and have had snow and ice accumulation safety issues;
  • walking traffic patterns that are “slip and fall” hazards, i.e. pathways from apartment entrances to dumpsters;
  • sloped ramps (parking lot ramps, warehouse dock ramps, etc.) and sloped driveways that could create vehicle “sliding” damage.


Raychem’s Solution

Raychem Surface Snow Melting Systems use heat tracing technology to keep sidewalks, stairways and driveways free of snow and ice.

Renmark would like to thank you all for your support in 2016. We look forward to working with you in 2017 and having a happy and prosperous year.

Renmark will be closed on Friday, December 23th; Monday, December 26th; and January 2nd for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  We will be closing early on December 30 and have a reduced staff working 12/27-12/30.

During the days of reduced staff, please call our office at 412.318.4579 or send your requests/orders to our info email box (info@renmarkusa.com) and they will be handled.  This will help alleviate orders being duplicated or overlooked.  If you have an emergency, please contact Mike (412.491.6303) or Phil (412.508.4770).



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Federal Signal 

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Must have Sales Order Number

Travis - 1Travis Cutler has joined Renmark as our new outside sales representative covering West Virginia and surrounding counties in southern Ohio and Kentucky.  Travis comes to us after spending the last six years as a sales representative at Service Wire Company in Culloden, WV.  A twelve year career in pharmaceutical sales preceded his assignment at Service Wire.  Travis experienced great success in both positions and we are excited to be bringing him onto the Renmark team.




In addition to the Raychem line of residential roof and gutter de-icing products, Renmark now represents Raychem’s commercial heat trace cables and controls.  Our new responsibilities include pipe freeze protection, roof, gutter and concrete snow melting solutions.  In addition to commercial heat, Renmark now represents the Pyrotenax brand of 2-Hr Fire Rated MI CAbles.  Please contact your Renmark salesperson for more information.

Renmark has added a new sales engineer to our outside sales team.  Steve has a degree in electrical engineering technology and an MBA.  Having spent the last 8 years at Eaton Corporation as an application engineer and product manager, Steve brings additional technical capability to our team.  Please join us in welcoming Steve on board.