MERSENMersen is pleased to offer several courses to help keep you up to date on the many developments in the electrical industry that are leading to safer workplaces. These courses are taught by veteran experts and are being offered around the country. Trust Mersen as your resource to keep current to protect against electrical hazards that can hurt people, equipment and investments.

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It’s hard to overstate the importance overcurrent protection devices can play in safe guarding equipment and people while minimizing downtime in today’s industrial and commercial environments. Recent changes in the NEC®, in NFPA 70E, and in UL Standards have created challenges for those responsible for designing and maintaining electrical equipment and electrical power systems. Mersen’s Overcurrent Protection Basics for Designers and Specifiers seminar will provide you with an up-to-date understanding of key overcurrent protection issues and will offer practical solutions to some of today’s most pressing problems.

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Short circuit protection is an integral part of your electrical safety program. As codes and standards evolve, it is critical that these schemes be reviewed for enhancement to your safety program. Mersen’s Short Circuit Protection and Safety Seminar has been developed to provide our customers with the latest news and information about arc flash hazards and electrical safety as it applies to industrial low-voltage electrical systems ($149).

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Mersen’s Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection Changes in the NEC® 2014 seminar is packed with the latest information to help you learn how to easily comply with recent changes in the code. 

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The demands of your day-to-day job, often make it difficult to stay abreast of the latest Arc Flash Safety standards and codes. Mersen makes it easy to stay current with its new seminar – Arc Flash NFPA 70E® Safety. This seminar will present new content NOT covered in previous forums and report on recent code revisions in the 2012 edition of the NFPA 70E® Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

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DN9 & DN20 Multipin Plugs and Receptacles from MELTRIC Corporation

Meltric offers a broad range of multipin devices for use in a wide variety of control and power applications. The DN9 and DN20 Series plugs and receptacles allow multiple power circuits or a combination of power and control circuits in a single connection. Common applications include automated trailer connections, overhead crane connections, and motor connections for two or more motors.

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Fusible Shunt Trip Disconnect


  •  Industrial Control circuit transformer Primary (208, 240, 480 or 600 VAC)
  •  Fire safety relay for control interface (DPDT Relay, choice of Coil Voltage: 120 VAC, 24 VDC or 24VAC)
  • Oil-tight Key Switch to test 2 position selector switch
  • Optional surge protection to meet NEC 620.51(E) requirements for emergency system loads


Protect sensitive elevator circuit components and comply with recent National Electrical Code® (NEC) changes with Mersen’s integral surge protection. Mersen now offers its Type 1 surge protection as an integral option in its Fusible Shunt Trip Switch, also commonly referred to as an elevator switch.

Results from a recent NFPA survey showed that 24% of respondents report damage to elevator circuits due to voltage surges. In response to this, the 2017 NEC has been changed to require surge protection in applications where an elevator is designated as an emergency load.

Please see Mersen’s new brochure, “2017 National Electrical Code: Changes in Overcurrent and Surge Protection,” for a comprehensive list of code updates for 2017.

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Model154XSTHIModel 154XSTHI

Hazardous Location Supervised Strobe Warning Light

154XSTHI is a hazardous location strobe light that provides 60 high-intensity flashes per minute. This warning light is available in 24VDC with a 4-wire supervised power circuit for fire alarm and suppression supervised control panels.

This rugged strobe warning light is specifically designed for hazardous locations or corrosive environments where a very bright visual signal is required. This warning light can be used for plant evacuation or other communication needs. The dome guard (included) fits over the glass dome to protect it against accidental collision with moving equipment, such as forklifts.

Product features include:

  • 24VDC (16-33VDC regulated)
  • Four wires & supervisory diode
  • 60 FPM
  • Integrated ¾-inch pipe mount
  • Clear glass dome
  • Red dome guard included for additional protection
  • Type 4X, IP66 enclosure
  • UL Listed for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F & G; Class III
  • Marine Rated
  • UL Fire Listed


For full product details, visit the product page or contact Renmark at

  • Radiant_Stack_Light.Modular design allows up to 7 light modules; 
  • 6 light modules + 1 sound module (1 channel) or
  • 5 light modules + 1 sound module (2 channels)
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • IP65, NEMA Type 4X
  • UL and cUL Listed, CE Certified



Configurable to fit every need, The Radiant modular stack light allows for up to 7 light modules; 6 light modules and 1 sound module (1 channel); or 5 light modules and 1 sound module (2 channels).

Radiant modular stack light consists of four types of modules: Wiring Modules, Light Modules, Sound Modules and Mounting Bases.

RSL-WM Wiring Modules allow you to choose your voltage as well as your configuration style with 12-24VAC/DC or 120-240VAC models available in flashing or steady burn.

RSL-LM Light Modules are available in three variations. These modules are available in five colors with different levels of light intensity, lens types and flash pattern possibilities to help you customize your signal.

  • RSL-LMS: Steady Light Module
  • RSL- LMB: Steady, Bright Light Module
  • RSL-LMM: Multi-Pattern Light Module


RSL-SM Sound Modules are available with either two or 16 tone options over two channels producing up to 90dBA @ 1m.

RSL-MB Mounting Base options allow for mounting flexibility. Customers can choose from five base options: a standard flat base, a wall base for lateral mounting, an extended base to provide an additional life of 3.94”, a pipe base for mounting on a ½” NPT pipe and tube bases available in five different lengths when a higher profile design is required.

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This photocontrol may look the same as others in the TORK® family but is totally redesigned on the inside:

  • Industry best 15-year warranty.
  • A robust relay tested by UL for electronic ballast and LED loads.
  • Zero-Cross switching extends the life of the relay contacts.
  • Heavy duty MOV provides greater surge protection over its life expectancy.
  • The only UL listed long life photocontrol with an electronic ballast/LED rating. 


The ZTL Series is designed to address the roadway lighting demands by matching expected fixture life and photocontrol life.

Click here, for the TORK ZTL Long Life Series spec sheet. 

MERSEN_Fused_Coordination_PanelBoardsUL/CSA SWITCHES
Fused Coordination Panelboard

Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard is designed to meet requirements defined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) to protect critical power operations. These panels are provided with a default short circuit current rating (SCCR) of 200kA and provide overcurrent protection through a combination of a circuit breaker and a fuse.

The circuit breaker is designed to operate on overloads up to 2 times their rating and the fuse over 2 times up to 200kA. Mersen’s Fused Coordination Panelboard can simplify the process in achieving code compliance for designers.

Features Include:

  • Easy selectivity ratios with upstream fuses
  • Resettable overload protection
  • Voltage: 120/208, 120/240, 277/480, 347/600
  • Main Bus: 250A or 400A,
  • MLO, Fused Main or Non-fuse Main disconnect
  • SCCR: 200kA
  • Surge Protection (SPD) optional
  • 20, 32 or 42 branch circuits
  • Standard 20″ wide
  • Feed through lugs optional
  • Surface mount
  • Uses commonly available class CC & J fuses

Product Details:

  • Voltage Range (VAC):  208-600 VAC
  • Ampere Range (A):  Main Bus: 250-400 A
  • Number of Poles:  1,2,3 
  • ROHS Compliant:  Consult Technical Services
  • Lead Free:  Consult Technical Services
  • CE conformity:  Consult Technical Services


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HammondType4Increased flexibility for modified Hammond freestanding enclosures– Multi-door units now available in Type 4 and 4X

Hammond Manufacturing just received final approvals from UL/CSA , and they can now offer agency labelled Type 4 and 4X multi-door freestanding enclosures. Based on the UHD design, the size range covers 1, 2, 3 and 4 door units with maximum overall dimensions of 90”H x 156.5” W.

To achieve Type 4 (painted steel) and Type 4X (stainless steel), the primary alteration to their Type 12 UHD is an enhanced (more costly) center post design which provides upgraded protection against water ingress.

Because the approvals are based on the UHD Series, they have some added flexibility for approvable modifications of freestanding enclosures:

  • Freestanding mods can (a) have UHD flange disconnect cut-outs or (b) no cut-out
  • The UHD approval includes the current UHD lift-off hinge – Hammond can use their new approvals when this is specified on Type 4/4X freestanding designs
  • Hammond can offer all UHD’s (Type 12, 4, 4X) with piano-hinge if required. (For mods, UHD standard will be lift-off unless specified otherwise.)


NoteHammond Manufacturing is not offering 5 doors at this time. Their new approvals do actually include 5 doors, so when they expand their general offering back to 5 doors, mods will also be covered.


The new Hammond HN4WM series offers a heavy duty solution for 2 door wall mount enclosures. 

Complete with a durable stainless steel piano hinge, rugged die-casthandle and 12 gauge steel body/door construction, this Type 4 design will suit the most demanding applications. Offered in 12 sizes, the enclosure is painted ANSI 61 gray and comes complete with a white inner mounting panel.

The industry’s typical 2 door wallmount is only offered in a Type 12 version featuring overlapping doors – similar to Hammond’s existing EN4TD and 1422WM. By adding a removable center post instead of the overlapping design, the HN4WM can now achieve the more demanding watertight Type 4 protection level. This painted steel version originated from Hammond’s recently released stainless steel 4X model, the HN4WMSS Series.

For more information on the Hammond HN4WM series, click here

Hammond Manufacturing offers many solutions for the industrial and commercial market.  There are a lot of new and exciting products, check out the Hammond New Products Guide as a supplement to your E6 catalog.  Additionally, Hammond has a part number selection guide on their website and quick search tutorial  that can help narrow down part numbers and perform cross references.
Waterfall Series 


Hammond’s slope top enclosure is designed to enclose electrical and/or electronic equipment and protect against harsh, industrial environments for wallmount applications. The sloped top prevents water from resting on top as well as providing potential for controls mounting.  The unique hinge design allows for easy cleaning in hose-down environments.  To learn more visit the product page here.

Type 4X Pull Through Wireway

Pull Thru
1487 Series

Hammond’s NEMA 4X pull through wireway is designed to enclose and protect electrical wiring from dirt, dust, oil and water.  This series is ideal for connecting machines to control panels or power sources.  Find more info here.