Ericson Oscar GWO, Perma Kleen Plugs, Connectors, & Cordsets


Ericson’s is the industry leader in electrical safety products; they design and manufacture portable power distribution units, lighting, GFCI’s, wiring devices, and other related products with a commitment to safety, ease of use and reliability. 

Oscar GWO

Oscar GWO

Ericson’s revolutionary Oscar-GWO Portable Power Distribution Centers provide unmatched performance and flexibility in a unique form-fit function design. Innovative patented open neutral protection circuitry is coupled with exclusive enclosure features to deliver unmatched, field-tested anti-nuisance tripping operation. 

NEMA 3R in-use protection is accomplished with an innovative one-piece lid design, eliminating the need for additional flip lid assemblies and the costs associated with maintenance and repair. The ergonomic design simplifies handling and carrying, while allowing the distribution center to be conveniently positioned to meet specific work-site requirements.

Perma Kleen Plugs, Connectors, and Cordsets

Antimicrobial Cordset

Perma-Kleen™ Anti-microbial Wiring Devices deliver exceptional protection against microbial growth even on hidden, hard to clean surfaces. Independent testing reveals the ability of these devices to inhibit the growth of Escherichia coli, Gram (-) and Staphylococcus aureus, Gram (+) delivering long lasting benefits to manufacturers beyond traditional cleaning methods. Ideal for new or existing installations, these cost effective solutions deliver unparalleled confidence and peace of mind from knowing that every possible step has been taken to protect consumers.