Federal Signal Introduces New Products for OEM & Industrial Markets


Federal Signal has introduced quite a few new products lately for the OEM and Industrial markets.

 Global Series 

Model G – LED

The Global Series is an innovative Next Generation product line of non-metallic signals that is modular, aesthetically appealing, and lightweight in design.  This product line is designed to meet requirements in hazardous atmospheres.

Visit the Global Series page for more information.

StreamLine Modular Series

streamline modular
One Concept. Endless Solutions.

The StreamLine Modular Series is a new and unique concept developed to deliver a customized product tailored to various, specific applications.  There are steady burn, flashing, and rotating options; sounders, and A/V combination units.

Visit the Streamline Modular Series page for more information and download the overview brochure here: Streamline Brochure

PM Panel Mount Series

PMC Panel Mount Multifunctional LED Combination Audible/Visual Signal

The PM Series features four different types of compact signaling devices engineered for panel mounting through a 1.18” hole and secured with the provided locking ring. All models are available in 12-24VAC/DC or 48-240VAC.

Visit the PM Series page for more info.

eHorn and eSiren


The eHorn is an economical electronic horn capable of producing two high decibel horn tone outputs from the same unit by featuring internal amplification and tone circuitry.

The eSiren is an economical electronic siren capable of producing two high decibel siren tone outputs from the same unit by featuring internal amplification and patent pending tone generating circuitry.


Find out more information about new products from Federal Signal by clicking here.