Federal Signal Plant Safety and Security


Increase facility safety, minimize expense, with a single integrated system. Federal Signal provides products and services to protect people. Federal Signal is the world leader in innovative equipment, signaling products and communication and security systems that keep workers, first responders and our communities safe and secure.

Federal_Signal1Integrated communication systems made simple. Public address announcements… multi-party telecommunications… intercom and paging… tone and voice messaging… outdoor warning. Any facility probably has some or all of these systems, each fulfilling a critical communication requirement. Traditionally these systems have been viewed as individual pieces of the overall facility communications puzzle. Imagine how you could increase facility safety, minimize expense, and simple maintenance with a single integrated system. 


Warning & Mass Notification

Federal_Signal2UVIC UltraVoice® Indoor Controller

The Federal Signal UltraVoice® Indoor Controller (UVIC) is a remote terminal unit (RTU) specifically engineered for indoor mass notification. The combination of microprocessor based system control with highly efficient amplifiers enables the delivery of optimized tones and voice to distributed speakers, or to existing public address (PA) systems. 

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Federal_Signal3Modulator® II Electronic Siren Series

Federal Signal’s Modulator II Siren offers the same proven technology as the original Modulator with the exception of a smaller compact chassis. Modulator II provides a flat frequency response up to 2000Hz producing intense warning signals and digital voice messaging over a large area. The Modulator II design enables the siren to produce a high sound level and intelligible voice communications.

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Federal_Signal4DSA High-Powered Directional Speaker

Model DSA is comprised of 1, 2, 3 or 4 vertical support structures with two to six re-entrant speaker array projectors mounted on each vertical support stack. Each vertical support structure can be positioned at 90° or 180° intervals (refer to specification sheet). Each speaker array has 70° horizontal angle of dispersion. When the vertical support stacks are positioned at 90° apart, an 180° horizontal coverage is produced. 

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