Meet NEC 620.51 (E) Requirements with Mersen’s Fusible Shunt Trip Switch with Surge Protection



Fusible Shunt Trip Disconnect


  •  Industrial Control circuit transformer Primary (208, 240, 480 or 600 VAC)
  •  Fire safety relay for control interface (DPDT Relay, choice of Coil Voltage: 120 VAC, 24 VDC or 24VAC)
  • Oil-tight Key Switch to test 2 position selector switch
  • Optional surge protection to meet NEC 620.51(E) requirements for emergency system loads


Protect sensitive elevator circuit components and comply with recent National Electrical Code® (NEC) changes with Mersen’s integral surge protection. Mersen now offers its Type 1 surge protection as an integral option in its Fusible Shunt Trip Switch, also commonly referred to as an elevator switch.

Results from a recent NFPA survey showed that 24% of respondents report damage to elevator circuits due to voltage surges. In response to this, the 2017 NEC has been changed to require surge protection in applications where an elevator is designated as an emergency load.

Please see Mersen’s new brochure, “2017 National Electrical Code: Changes in Overcurrent and Surge Protection,” for a comprehensive list of code updates for 2017.

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