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In the early 1950’s Gilles Marechal witnessed an industrial accident that occurred when a defective motor was plugged in. The seriousness of the accident caused Mr. Marechal to embark on a mission to develop an industrial duty plug and receptacle that would eliminate the hazards posed by ordinary pin and sleeve devices.

The result was the establishment of the Marechal Corporation and the creation of a safety focused product line that is now manufactured and sold in North America by the MELTRIC Corporation.



As the foremost consensus standard for electrical safety in the workplace, NFPA 70E is the primary resource for employers to use in determining how to comply with OSHA’s electrical safety regulations. It is also used by OSHA and the courts in the investigation of injuries in order to assess whether or not the involved employers took reasonable steps and precautions to protect their employees.

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Meltric’s Switch Rated Plugs & Receptacles

Meltric’s switch-rated plugs & receptacles simplify compliance with NFPA 70E by eliminating the possibility of exposure to energized parts and arcing when making and breaking the electrical connections required to change-out motors and other equipment. This avoids the need to take many of the special precautions required to ensure that workers are aware of and protected from the shock and arc-flash hazards that exist whenever work is performed on or around energized circuit components.




dsn-rev ds-decontactor-rev db-decontactor-switch-rated-plug
  • 20A to 150A
  • Max 75hp
  • Type 4X
  • Low Cost, Compact


The popular DSN Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for connecting motors, welders and other equipment in most environments including washdown.

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  • 20A to 200A
  • Max 25hp
  • Type 3R (4X option)
  • Poly or Metal Casing


The versatile DS Series plugs and receptacles offer the highest amperage range. Most models are available in metal or Poly material.

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  • 30A to 100A
  • Max 60 hp
  • IP67
  • Metal Casing


The rugged DB Series plugs and receptacles can easily handle motor loads up to 60 hp. Their metal casings and IP67 rating provide protection in harsh environments.

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