Metric’s DECONTACTOR Series

Meltric’s DECONTACTOR Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles combine the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle. Their exclusive design allows users to safely make and break connections under full load and provide significant protection in overload and short circuit conditions.
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Hazardous Location DS60/DSN150

Hazardous DS60


Meltric now offers metal DS60 and metal DSN150 plugs and receptacles for hazardous-rated Division 2 / Zone 2 environments. The new ratings for these devices are:

Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T6
Class I, Zone 2, IIC

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HP Rating Improvements: DSN, DS & DB models


Recent successful performance tests results have allowed Meltric to upgrade horsepower ratings on some models. Effective Oct. 2015, DSN, DS and DB inlets and receptacles will be horsepower rated according to the table attached.  Visit their website for updated catalog pages.