New Hammond Modified Capability Multi-Door Units in Type 4 and 4x

HammondType4Increased flexibility for modified Hammond freestanding enclosures– Multi-door units now available in Type 4 and 4X

Hammond Manufacturing just received final approvals from UL/CSA , and they can now offer agency labelled Type 4 and 4X multi-door freestanding enclosures. Based on the UHD design, the size range covers 1, 2, 3 and 4 door units with maximum overall dimensions of 90”H x 156.5” W.

To achieve Type 4 (painted steel) and Type 4X (stainless steel), the primary alteration to their Type 12 UHD is an enhanced (more costly) center post design which provides upgraded protection against water ingress.

Because the approvals are based on the UHD Series, they have some added flexibility for approvable modifications of freestanding enclosures:

  • Freestanding mods can (a) have UHD flange disconnect cut-outs or (b) no cut-out
  • The UHD approval includes the current UHD lift-off hinge – Hammond can use their new approvals when this is specified on Type 4/4X freestanding designs
  • Hammond can offer all UHD’s (Type 12, 4, 4X) with piano-hinge if required. (For mods, UHD standard will be lift-off unless specified otherwise.)


NoteHammond Manufacturing is not offering 5 doors at this time. Their new approvals do actually include 5 doors, so when they expand their general offering back to 5 doors, mods will also be covered.