News Flash | New Line Minerallac




Renmark is happy to announce that we now represent Minerallac in Western PA and West Virginia. 

Minerallac Company is a fourth-generation, family-owned American manufacturer and master distributor that has been serving the electrical construction market for over 100 years.

All seven brands – Minerallac Traditional, Minerallac Stainless Steel, Minerallac Strut Fittings, Cully, Black Claw, Redmore, and Impact Staples —possess the same high quality and service standards. What’s more, the consolidation of the company’s brands under one corporate umbrella allows it to offer a comprehensive package of electrical hardware and fasteners.

The Minerallac Company brands offer:

MinerallacTraditional Minerallac Traditional offers hangers, straps and beam clamps in more sizes and finishes than any other single source.
MinerallacStainlessSteel Minerallac Stainless Steel offers a comprehensive catalog of stainless steel hardware, including: hangers, straps, clamps, nuts, washers, screws, bolts, anchors, couplings, and more in assorted grades of stainless steel.
MinerallacStrutFittings Minerallac Strut Fittings and Accessories offers an extensive line of nuts, clamps, fittings, brackets, rollers, hardware, concrete inserts, and post bases.
Cully Cully offers one of the broadest lines of fasteners, anchors, tools and safety products for the industry. 
BlackClaw Black Claw offers an expansive line of spring steel fasteners. 
RedMore Redmore offers staples, nails as well as wire products for the utility market. 
ImpactStaples Impact Staples offer residential and commercial staples. 

Minerallac’s passion for quality service demonstrates quick and economical delivery for a consistent customer service experience every time.

Contact Renmark today to learn more! 

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