NSi UL Listed Photocontrol – Turn Lock & Tork Occupancy Sensors


NSi’s TORK Time Switches, Timers, and Controls are designed as well as manufactured to adhere to the highest industry standards. Well trained personnel and in-process quality control procedures make sure that every unit meets NSi’s demanded quality standards.

UL Listed Photocontrol – Turn Lock

The 5200-UL series is designed to meet local utility standards for street and highway lighting controls. They meet the UL773 and ANSI C136, which include 10 color designations, and also meets EEI NEMA standards. It is listed for use with LED lamp drivers.

Tork Occupancy Sensors

oc sense
Wall Switch Sensor

TORK’s Occupancy sensors are designed for commercial use to complement TORK’s other lighting controls to provide a full package of energy savings solutions.

Occupancy Sensor programming instructional video