Power Electronics


Our products include semiconductor fuses & fuse holders, high speed fuses & fuse holders, control fuses & fuse holders, disconnect switches, surge protective devices, power distribution blocks, high power switches, medium voltage fuses, and air & liquid cooled heatsinks. We serve companies that manufacture drives, induction heating, inverters, motor controllers, rectifiers, UPS, and welding equipment.

  • IGBT / Semiconductor Protection including Cooling of Power Electronics and Low and Medium Voltage Fuses and Fuseholders
  • Fused and non-fused 
    Switching Devices
  • DC Contactors
  • Wire, Cable and Connectors
  • Magnetics

We focus on electrical products in the areas below. For more information about our OEM/Power Electronics products, call us at 412.318.4579 or email us.





Ground Fault Products & Protective Relays

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Infrared Inspection Windows, Closed-Panel Design.  Made in the USA.

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Federal Signal Corporation

Harsh environment Audible & Visible Signaling Products. Alert notification, intercom, paging and emergency management communications systems.

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Hammond Manufacturing Company Inc

Electrical NEMA Enclosures, Industrial Wireway & Trough, Operator Interface Enclosures, Climate Control

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Houston Wire & Cable Co.

A leading supplier of specialty wire & cable services and products including LIFEGUARD Low Smoke-Zero Halogen Cable.

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Kris Tech Wire Co.

High quality copper wire products: XHHW, XLP/USE, MTW, TEW, HMWPE Tracer Wire, SIS

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Switch-Rated, Hazardous Duty, & Multipin Plugs and Receptacles

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Fuses, SPD’s, Switching & Cooling of Power Electronics, & Laminated Bus Bar

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Fasteners for conduit, cable, electrical boxes and threaded rod to beams, flange, studs, T-Bar and wire. Born out of a need to solve overheating problems with late-1800s electrical transformers, Minerallac has been inventing, stocking and distributing electrical hardware for more than a century. From one-hole straps to spring steel assemblies, screws, nuts and bolts, Minerallac has a complete line of high-quality electrical hardware.

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