Radiant Stack Light | Federal Signal

  • Radiant_Stack_Light.Modular design allows up to 7 light modules; 
  • 6 light modules + 1 sound module (1 channel) or
  • 5 light modules + 1 sound module (2 channels)
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • IP65, NEMA Type 4X
  • UL and cUL Listed, CE Certified



Configurable to fit every need, The Radiant modular stack light allows for up to 7 light modules; 6 light modules and 1 sound module (1 channel); or 5 light modules and 1 sound module (2 channels).

Radiant modular stack light consists of four types of modules: Wiring Modules, Light Modules, Sound Modules and Mounting Bases.

RSL-WM Wiring Modules allow you to choose your voltage as well as your configuration style with 12-24VAC/DC or 120-240VAC models available in flashing or steady burn.

RSL-LM Light Modules are available in three variations. These modules are available in five colors with different levels of light intensity, lens types and flash pattern possibilities to help you customize your signal.

  • RSL-LMS: Steady Light Module
  • RSL- LMB: Steady, Bright Light Module
  • RSL-LMM: Multi-Pattern Light Module


RSL-SM Sound Modules are available with either two or 16 tone options over two channels producing up to 90dBA @ 1m.

RSL-MB Mounting Base options allow for mounting flexibility. Customers can choose from five base options: a standard flat base, a wall base for lateral mounting, an extended base to provide an additional life of 3.94”, a pipe base for mounting on a ½” NPT pipe and tube bases available in five different lengths when a higher profile design is required.

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